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The Lagare impressionist photo artworks are one-of-a-kind signed canvas print. They are a copy of the original. Each original will be displayed in the HALL OF FRAME at our future Las Lagare Museum. This display hall will inspire the world’s artists into a new era of impressionism. 

Purchase your once-in-a-lifetime LaGare artworks. These large works were designed for the future Las Lagare Museum and university; although upon request a smaller size would be available. Your purchase is a signed one-of-a-kind and will co-exist with the museum’s image gallery. Be a part of our journey. Put your own brick in our museum.  

All Lagare’s works have a minimum bid set at $25,000.  All offers will be considered and subject to the artist's approval. All offers must be submitted in writing. Only provide a contact phone number if you would like to learn more about your investment.

Contact us now and Happy Hunting. 

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